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Who are we (About Us)

Who are we..?

Choco Churn is a budding brand created by the artistic enthusiasm and dedicated craftsmanship of a young Chocoholic, complemented by the invaluable experience and guidance of a mother .Churned truly to bring out the mouth melting smoothness and aroma of chocolate beans, hence named Choco Churn.

What we do..?

We, at Choco Churn are committed to lift your taste. Now, what does this mean… Is it just adding flavors to your palette or to our product range? Well, the way we see it, lifting your taste is not just limited to tantalizing one’s taste buds but also providing our customers a mesmerizing experience right form the packaging of the product to indulging in the explicit aromas and finally tasting the true delicacies that are handcrafted with love and care.

What we do (About Us)
The churn touch (About Us)

The Churn Touch

Gifting has always been a token of love, care, affection and admiration. Not only young but oldies also take the support of Gifts to express their feelings and emotions. Choco Churn Chocolate bars are undoubtedly admirable gifting option for anyone. Wrap our chocolate beauty bundles with your intrinsic emotions and gift it to someone you really love.

We are proudly Australian.


Soft Fabric

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All Day Comfort

We believe getting dressed should be the easiest part of your day.

Look great ! Feel even better.

A lot of so-called stretch denim pants out there are just glorified sweatpants – they get baggy and lose their shape. Not cool. Our tightly knitted fabric holds its form after repeated wear. Plus, Aldays dress up or down, no prob. So you can wear them all day. Get it?